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Uniform Policy

Dress Code & Hats:

Lowell is a uniform school. Students must wear a white or forest green polo shirt, blue pants, shorts, skirts or jumpers. The uniforms are on display in the office. Students should always dress appropriately. Suitable clothing and shoes must be worn at all times to minimize distractions and for the safety of your child. Hoods will not be allowed to be worn indoors. Staff members will contact parents if there are any concerns. Hats are not allowed in our district except for a medical reason or a sun allergy. If your child has a medical condition and needs to wear a hat outside, please contact the teacher or office first.

Student Dress Code Checklist:

  • Belts must be worn appropriately and free from any gang affiliation.
  • Mid-drifts and backs must be covered at all times.
  • No baggy or saggy pants and shorts.
  • No make-up or false nails.
  • All shorts must fall between mid-thigh and knee.
  • T-shirts with print should be appropriate to the school environment   (no beer, alcohol, drugs, inappropriate language, or promoting violence)
  • Shoes should be appropriate to a variety of elementary school activities   (no flip flops, no high heels)
  • Athletic/team apparel is not allowed (i.e. Raiders, 49ers, Colts, etc.)